Miracle Powder employees enjoy being innovators, setting industry standards and defining its development by introducing the latest technologies. Through our meticulous and reliable work, the company has gained popularity as a leading Oxygen Powder Manufacturer. Check out the results of using Eco Oxygen Powder and contact us if you have any questions about how it works. .

How does oxygen powder work? – During the washing process, the oxygen component is oxidized, destroying organic dirt.

The miracle powder for washing improves the action of the main detergent, as well as has bleaching, stain-removing and disinfecting properties, provides effective and environmentally friendly cleaning. Whitens yellowed and gray fabrics. When washing, the natural whiteness of white linen is preserved, while the structure of the fabric is not destroyed. It rinses out completely without leaving any traces of chemicals on things. Since it is harmless and hypoallergenic, it is suitable for washing and bleaching children’s clothes.

We are sure that you will not be disappointed if you contact us and purchase the MIRACLE POWDER!


1. Half a year ago I came across an advertisement for the Miracle of powder and decided to try it, the price is not high, so it was not scary to miscalculate. But after trying it, it just surpassed all my expectations. The dishes are shiny, the kitchen towels are cleaner than the new ones, and now there is no unpleasant smell from the drain in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Try it once and you will never give it up.

Julia Kiev 2020.

2. I have been using it for the second month and I am very glad that I took the risk to try it. Everything in the house shines and smells clean. In the corridor after the flood (the neighbors from the top), although they moved the linoleum, there was a smell of mold. My miracle powder the floor and the smell just disappeared, along with traces of mold. And how glad my kettle is that I didn’t send it to the trash but gave it a second life.

My husband began to call me Cinderella, but without the Miracle powder, I would not have done it. I recommend to everyone.

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