Choosing a parrot! Review of popular types.

Choosing a parrot! Overview of popular species.

The best companion parrots The word “parrot” is rightfully associated with large variegated and beautiful birds. Large parrots are memorable, vibrant and energetic companion pets. However, not all large parrots are suitable for the role of pets, just as not every bird lover is ready to become the owner of a large parrot..

In this review, we will tell you about the popular species of parrots. Parrots (especially large ones) are real long-livers and you should take seriously the acquisition of a feathered pet, because your care will be required for him for thirty or even more years.

It is known that Grays were kept as pets already in antiquity. Their amazing intelligence and talent for imitating human speech made them real stars in the circle

of scientists and in the circle of bird lovers. Their popularity as pets is great, and the gray deserves first place in the ranking of the most popular parrots!

When planning the acquisition of such a bird as a gray, it is worth remembering that it is better to have a young fosterling chick, since an adult bird already has its own formed character and habits and often hardly accepts a new owner.



The Amazons are brave brave men. With their cheerful disposition and superior speaking skills, they topped the charts of the most popular pets for decades. Those who were able to make friends with these amazing creatures are definitely the happiest people among bird owners, because the Amazon is not only a bright, spectacular and inquisitive bird, but also a real person with a soft and docile nature.!


Cockatoo are beautiful, affectionate and gentle birds that always know how to find the key to any bird lover’s heart. Due to their friendly disposition, some owners of large parrots do not even look towards other species, but it should be remembered that cockatoos are very demanding in terms of nutrition, exercise, attention and space. Keeping a cockatoo at home is a real happiness, and the owners of the cockatoo “take over the shift” for fifty years, or even more.


Charismatic and intelligent eclectuses make wonderful companion birds. They were not immediately recognized as one of the most popular pets, but this was due to their bright plumage, ability to imitate human speech and friendly nature. If Eclectus captivated you with its beauty and charm and you are already ready to get yourself this extraordinary bird, remember that Eclectus are parrots that require a special diet, namely a large amount of fruits, vegetables and soft foods.

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